Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grandpa finally gets a Salmon!!

We've taken my dad to some beautiful fishing spots! We've tried every trick and tip people have shared.

But the Salmon just aren't running right now. My dad has caught a couple trout that were big enough to eat, and he's eaten crab every day (9 days in a row) until today. But he really wanted a salmon. So I was really excited for him when I came home from a trip to town today and heard that he got a big silver salmon.

Then I found out that he bought it from a big commercial fishing boat down at the dock!! Oh-well, he was obviously very proud of his salmon anyway. And he ate it for lunch and dinner, even though it ruined his run of none stop crab.

Liz's Birthday and kid's fishing day

This year Liz agreed to a smaller (mostly family) party in exchange for her getting to help with all the party preparations. She helped make mini cakes for everyone to decorate. She made and filled the pinata. And she blew up the balloons and put them all over the house. We had a great time. Everybody's cakes turned out great!
The pinata survived all the way through round one (everyone from Sammie to Grandpa took a turn), then we started over. It didn't make it through round two though. I thought this was one of the better looking pinata's I'd seen lately. And Liz loved making it!!
The next day was the Kid's fishing day put on by the forest service. It's a great carnival type event where every booth is somewhat educational and free. And they had great prizes and a free lunch. Everyone enjoyed the fly tying booth- even Liz and Sammie.
The casting game was a favorite also. It's kind of like a bean bag toss, but you cast a little plastic fish into a big wood fish's mouth. Dylan and Chase even enjoyed it.
Sunday afternoon Liz did Dylan's and Chase's hair. They were great sports. Liz loved it!

I love summer vacation so far! I just wish I had a maid to take care of the house while I'm playing with the family.

My Dad and brothers visit

My dad and the boys are over halfway through their visit already so I decided it was time to post some pictures of the fun we've had so far. Unfortunately they had to time their trip around sports seasons instead of around fishing seasons. So we haven't been doing so good on the fishing but I think they are all having a good time. The first day they were here we all got to the house around 8pm. But we were all hungry so Stewart took the boys to check the crab pots and brought home dinner. Dylan and Chase ate quite a bit that night but then Liz stepped in to help Grandpa finish up.
The next day we had to take care of business before we could get into the vacation. I took my dad and some kids to Craig to pick up their luggage (it wouldn't fit on the plane when they flew over from Ketchikan). And Stewart took the boys and Caleb to Thorne Bay to turn in a bunch of school stuff. We all saw a few of the new fawns but these pictures are ones that the boys took.
Later we took my dad out to find his dinner. He enjoyed pulling up his first pot to find his very own crab.