Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Roof Sledding

Spring is an interesting time in Chevak. The snow keeps piling up until late April or Early May. This year has been an especially deep snow year. The pictures I posted before showed some of the things that don't work well in the deep snow. But this week the temperatures have reached the upper 20's (maybe even low 30's) and it has brought us all out to enjoy the beautiful weather. The kids tend to find places to jump from or build forts in the drifts. Kickball is also a favorite lately. But when the grown ups are in the mood to play it always gets a little more exciting.

It all started with a few adults innocently enjoying the sun from a convenient roof top. Then Stewart and our neighbor Chris started to wonder if they could slide down on their bums. (They are the two laying down in this picture.) It didn't take long to think of the sled.
At first only adults were allowed in the sled, then it changed to kids with the adults (this picture is Liz and Stewart). But before long kids of all ages were sledding off the roof. I, of course, have tons more pictures and a lot of video but my internet is just to slow to load them. Hopefully I'll be able to get better internet next year. Amazingly the most serious injury of the day was Josh, he got a sunburn.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Spring day at the playground

This is Josh on the Monkey bars.
And Caleb on the basketball hoop.
And the Girls on the swings.

Alright. If my Mom can do this so can I. I do have pictures I want to share. We took the kids to the playground today just to get some pictures. The snow this year is the deepest we've seen in our four years here. It's mid April and we haven't even reached upper 20's yet. So it could be a few weeks before we start to defrost. Since we're moving out in mid May I'm betting there will still be some very big snow piles when we leave.