Sunday, March 27, 2011

Whale Watching

First you see the spouts.Then if you watch closely you might see their backs as they surface and go back under.

And if your really lucky you'll see their tails as they go for a really deep dive. But seeing two dive together AND have a camera ready, that's REALLY lucky!!

I have never seen the tails in person, Stewart and Liz were down on the dock for these pictures. This time it was my own fault too. I knew there were whales there and I could have gone with them, but we never see anything cool when I go, so I stayed home. At least they got good pictures!!

clam digging

This week is Spring break for us. And thankfully the weather decided it was spring also. We've had a beautiful sunny week. Stewart's been busy building a deck with the high school kids for a guy here as a fundraiser for a senior trip. We've all enjoyed being out in the sunshine helping on the deck. But we did find time to do a few other things. On Monday morning the the tide was REALLY low. So we went clam digging.

The boys were eager to get started. Stewart says it's a lot like digging potatoes. Dig a hole, look through the mud to find the clams.

This reminded me of the movie "Holes". Stewart and Liz made lots of holes.

But apparently it was working, because they filled up their bucket very quick!

We also built a fire on the beach for a hot dog roast, but since it was early I decided sausage links might be better. I was right, they were really good cooked over the fire!

We also found a lot of other interesting creatures hanging out on the beach.

This thing Stewart is holding, is a huge worm thing. It was even worse looking in person.

I'm not sure what this is called, but I'm sure it's a relative of starfish. I had Caleb put his hand next to it for a size reference.

This is a large starfish and a weird sea anemone thingy. There were tons of starfish!

I'm told these cool little things are snail eggs. If you pick them up they feel really rubbery but look like mud. If you dry them out- they crumble very easily.

I bottled the clams. Anyone have a good recipe for bottled clams?