Sunday, March 27, 2011

Whale Watching

First you see the spouts.Then if you watch closely you might see their backs as they surface and go back under.

And if your really lucky you'll see their tails as they go for a really deep dive. But seeing two dive together AND have a camera ready, that's REALLY lucky!!

I have never seen the tails in person, Stewart and Liz were down on the dock for these pictures. This time it was my own fault too. I knew there were whales there and I could have gone with them, but we never see anything cool when I go, so I stayed home. At least they got good pictures!!


Becks said...

OK - my biggest dream has ALWAYS been to see a whale...cross all fingers and toes that I might FINALLY be able to see one when we come this summer! We are so dang excited! These posts make me even MORE excited!!!! Only 4 months to was originally 9, so we are MORE than 1/2 way there!!! Did I mention that we are SO dang excited?!?!?!?

Misty Dawn said...

SOOOOOO coooool!!!!