Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stewart's Big Bear

 On our way home today we saw a big bear in the road.  It ran up a hill and Stewart was able to shoot it right through the heart.  This first picture shows how far from the truck it ended up.  This is not zoomed in, but this is a clear cut area, which makes even small amounts of hiking difficult.

 This is when Stewart got it down the hill and next to the road. 

This is my favorite picture.  He's trying to lift it into the truck. But it looks more like a giant teddy bear.  He ended up getting it around the middle and Caleb and I each took a hind leg and we got it in - barely.

 This one is just the skin laid out on the floor.  Nose to tail it measured almost exactly 7 feet.  His other bear was only 5 feet, so this is pretty exciting for us.