Monday, July 25, 2011

Opening day of deer hunt 2011

Caleb and Stewart went out hunting all morning in the rain. They made a deal to take turns shooting at any bucks they saw. Caleb got a spike, then Stewart shot at a good sized buck that got away, and then Caleb got another spike. The larger of his two spikes is his biggest kill trophy so far. He's quite pleased even though he's hoping for something much bigger before the end of the season.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jen, Mom, and Dad visit

We had a very eventful week. I don't know why my video's don't have sound but I hope you can at least watch them. Jen got here most of a day before my parents. It was a beautiful day so we went out in the boat. This one is Jen and the girls exploring a tide pool over by Karta while Stewart helped some people pull in a sockeye net.
When Stewart was done helping they told us we could check the crab pot. This one was Jen trying to help me put some crab into the bucket. It was fun to watch!

This was right after the video when she finally got a crab.
We pulled the shrimp pot. It was a lot of work. Jen did most of the work but we were both sore the next day. Jen had a hard time ripping the heads off the shrimp - not because it's gross but because she didn't want to hurt them. They were yummy though!!

About two hours before Jen had to leave. Stewart took her and my parents out to check the shrimp pots and they almost ran into this pod of killer whales. Crazy!!

The day after Jen left we went on a salmon fishing trip on the north end of the island. We hung out all day and enjoyed the fishing and eagles. When the fishing got slow the kids went swimming for a while Then when we were almost done Josh spotted a bear about 50 yards up stream from us on the other bank. My mom and I walked closer to get pictures and discovered that it had adorable twins following it. After that bear family went back into the woods we went back to our campfire and watched Sammie pretend to fish. All of a sudden there was a bear strait across the little river from her. It very quietly walked right to the waters edge, grabbed a fish, and walked back into the woods. Then it came back later and wandered up and down the bank across from us. First we stood and took pictures and video, but it stayed so long that we finally got bored and went home.
Here's Liz with the bear. (I know the stream doesn't show in this shot. But it's there. I promise.) My parents with the bear.Here's the video of both bear sitings.

We did catch 14 silver salmon that day with Caleb catching more than his share. But my dad wasn't able to get any on his own. The missionaries were there fishing and one of the elders felt sorry for him and let him real a couple of his in. Hopefully the pink salmon will be in our bay soon. If it's anything like last year he will definitely catch some of those. We sent my mom home on the ferry today. But we get to keep my dad for at least another week - maybe more. He'd really like to catch some salmon before he leaves. I'll try to keep you posted.