Monday, April 11, 2011

Archery and Elementary Basketball

The kids have been busy lately. They had the state archery competition last month. Archery is a really hard sport to get good pictures of. But the kids did great! If Liz improves as much next year as she did this year, she will easily qualify for the national competition. And if Caleb keeps up with her, he'll qualify too. Josh doesn't get to OFFICIALLY compete for 2 more years. But he's getting an early start on practicing. He did great for his first year. Stewart also got the training to coach them last weekend. So he can help them get more practice time now. This is a pic of Josh in the yellow shirt at a practice shoot in Thorne Bay.
While the older kids did their practice archery shoot, Sammie took the opportunity to go to Kindergarten with other kids. She's been in Kindergarten this year, but she's the only one at our school. So to go to class with 5 other kids her age was really fun for her. We're going to try to take her into Thorne Bay for school more often next year. This Picture is of her with the kids in the classroom.

Then they got to go outside to play. She really loved that! She plays outside at our school, but kids her age and a different playground were both very fun.

This month is Elementary basketball. It's supposed to be for 3rd-5th grade, but we only have 5 kids in that age group, so we pulled in our 2 2nd graders so that we have a couple subs. Which means that Sammie is the only elementary student that isn't on the team. Here's a team picture. Doesn't Caleb look big? He's looking forward to middle school sports next year.

Of course the kids favorite part of elementary basketball is getting to try out the different playgrounds wherever we play. Our playground in Kasaan doesn't have a merry go round. The kids can't get enough of them whenever we find one.We have a ton planned during these last two months of school. I'll try to remember my camera and share the fun.