Wednesday, November 24, 2010


On this day before Thanksgiving, I'm taking a short break from making pies to write a brief thankful list.
  • My family - here and far away
  • My warm home that I love
  • A wonderful new aide at school
  • my husband that is blind to weight (lost or gained)
  • my four year old that calls me her buddy
  • three other children that keep me busy, tired, and happy
  • computers to connect me to the world
  • phones to call home
  • good books
  • a comfortable bed - and the chance to sleep in tomorrow!
  • a car that continues to run - most of the time
  • a long weekend
  • prayer - and especially answers to prayers
  • my health
Times up, I need to take pies out of the oven.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Ok, most of my readers have already heard this, but just in case, I'm going to repeat it.

My amazing sister-in-law is in the finals of a competition to go on a once in a life time hunting trip to New Zealand. She was in first place for a while, but has slipped to second. Everyone can vote once for each e-mail address. If you have multiple e-mail addresses please use them all!! She needs all the votes she can get. She's an amazing person and she deserves this trip!! Please pass this on to everyone you know!!! (in fact passing it on to strangers would be good too!)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My reader!

Caleb has never been really behind in reading, but it hasn't ever been something he enjoyed. This year he's suddenly reading chapter books without being pushed into it. I went to wake him up for school the other day and found him reading. I was so excited I took a picture! I hope he's hooked.


We got to go to two different carnivals this year. One with our church group and one with the community. Caleb was the only one that chose to use the same costume twice. Mostly because it's the only one I own that fits him. I'm going to have to get some new ones next year. This is The crew at the church carnival.
The next week was the community carnival. We invited the missionaries out to help us run the booths. We ended up having plenty of help and they just got to hang out and visit with people. I think everyone had a good time.
The kids also went trick or treating, and with only 14 kids in town there was PLENTY of candy to go around. Sammie took an ice cream bucket and filled it to the top with the first 8 houses. I don't think of my kids as sheltered from most of life's experiences, but it came to my attention this weekend that my children had never tasted pop rocks candy. I wish I would have video taped the event. But you'll just have to take my word that it was pretty entertaining!!