Wednesday, November 24, 2010


On this day before Thanksgiving, I'm taking a short break from making pies to write a brief thankful list.
  • My family - here and far away
  • My warm home that I love
  • A wonderful new aide at school
  • my husband that is blind to weight (lost or gained)
  • my four year old that calls me her buddy
  • three other children that keep me busy, tired, and happy
  • computers to connect me to the world
  • phones to call home
  • good books
  • a comfortable bed - and the chance to sleep in tomorrow!
  • a car that continues to run - most of the time
  • a long weekend
  • prayer - and especially answers to prayers
  • my health
Times up, I need to take pies out of the oven.

1 comment:

Becks said...

Don't forget to be thankful for sisters who are coming to visit/play in 8 short months!!! So excited!!! :) Enjoyed your list...made me stop and think for a while. Love you!!! And, am SO very grateful to call you sister and FRIEND!!!