Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back track to October

I was dumping pictures from my daughters camera onto the computer today and realized that I had borrowed her camera to go to my brothers wedding in October. I don't have a single picture of the happy couple but I have at least a dozen of this adorable group of cousins.
This is 7 of my parents 10 grand kids (my mom hand made all five of the girls dresses). The only kids missing are my older three kids. Sammie is my only one that got to go on the trip with me - she's the third from the left. Aren't they adorable!! With kids this cute around who wants pictures of a bride and groom?

My other favorite pic from our trip. My kids have been given airline stickers in the past. They usually say things like "FRAGILE - handle with care" or "COOL" - meaning refrigerate. But when the woman in the Ketchikan airport opened her drawer to get Sammie a sticker- Sammie spotted the one with orange writing (her favorite color) and insisted on having that one. The poor lady was obviously torn between pleasing a stubborn 3 year old and facing the consequences of labeling a child in such a way- but she eventually gave in and gave her the Sticker she wanted.