Monday, May 23, 2011

Josh's baptism and a Halibut

This Sunday was Joshua's 8th birthday. He was baptized at the church right after church. He was very excited and everything went well.

When we got back home the weather was beautiful and Caleb and Stewart have been dying to get out in the boat. So they went fishing. They spotted a bear straight across the inlet from us and came back for the gun, of course the bear was gone when they got back. But Caleb was still pleased when he managed to catch this halibut all by himself. It took all he had to hold it up for a picture.

We got 10 pounds of meat off of it. Not big for a halibut, but perfect size if your going for quality meat.

Then all the kids had to get in the boat while Stewart took it from the dock to shore to load it back on the trailer. It was such a beautiful evening that I had to get a picture.