Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference weekend

Becky and James brought their family to Kasaan for Conference weekend. We love any chance to get together. The kids really wanted it to be spring and enjoyed a picnic Saturday afternoon. I did not think it was spring yet. And that is why this is a terrible picture taken from my kitchen window instead of being outside with the kids.
Sunday afternoon we went beach combing. We enjoyed the walk and visiting. The boys chases a few mink. The girls found shells. Stewart fell in and got a big bruise. All in all we enjoyed each others company.
The kids spent a lot of time during the weekend painting shells. I meant to get pictures but I didn't. Trust me, they were very cute!

Liz's friend

Iris came to visit for a week last year while her mom worked for the village. Her and Liz became good friends. So when we heard she was coming back again this year Liz was very excited. The girls get along great and had a wonderful week together. Her mother also brought us all kinds of fresh produce from Anchorage and we enjoyed fresh green and fruit salads with them every evening!!

Beach combing with Westfalls

Sister Westfall has a very extensive shell collection, but she mentioned that she wanted moon shells. Stewart happened to know where she could find some, so we planned a day to go beach combing. The weather even cooperated!! It was a little chilly, but not to windy or rainy. :) Here's the crew arriving on the beach. See the heron standing in the water?There were some whales way out in the fog. I tried to get pictures but it was too foggy and too far. There were also about 9 or 10 seals playing right off shore. Here is Caleb out next to the water. Each black spot in the water behind him is a seal's head.
We found a ton of the moon shells that Sister Westfall was looking for. Most were empty and free to take home. But we did find one that was still occupied. These things are really gross looking!!
Sammie and I mostly enjoyed looking at the sea stars and these things that we can sun fish. I don't know what they are really called, but they get big and colorful.
Sammie had to pose for a picture on this rock that was completely surrounded by sea stars.
Liz found this clam shell with a tiny squid inside. Pretty cool!
Everybody had to stop and compare treasures. It was a very successful day!!

Girls Night in Ketchikan

Over spring break Becky and I took Liz and Britt to Ketchikan overnight. We really enjoyed wandering through all the little tourist shops, eating out, and relaxing. The hotel we stayed at had a tram thing that took guests to and from the shops down below. This is a picture of the girls in our hotel window looking down on the shops.
We enjoyed riding the tram. Liz liked climbing the pole in the middle.
Becky preferred holding on and NOT looking at the view.
I have to say, the view - while beautiful- bothered me a little too.
The girls got their nails painted. This was Liz's number one priority for the trip. She really wanted her nails done.
And we ate as much wonderful - not home cooked- food as we could in 24 hours. This is our room service, dessert picnic. YUMMY!!!!
Once again I'm thankful for Becky helping me remember to stop and make some memories along the way!

State Archery

Caleb, Liz, and Josh all participated in State Archery this year. It's a pretty exciting event in our district because the top five shooters in each of the 6 catagories (high school, middle school, and elementary, boys and girls) get to go to nationals in Kentucky in May. This first picture is the first flight (or group) lined up ready to shoot their first round.
I have a very hard time getting good pics in the gym, but I did get at least one of each kid. Here's Caleb pulling back.

Josh was far away, so his pictures aren't as good. Here he's waiting for the signal to shoot.
Liz is taking aim.
She ended up with FIRST place for elementary girls in the state!! Here is what one of her 6 rounds looked like. I know the picture is terrible. I couldn't get close - against the rules for safety - and my camera has terrible zoom.
When both flights were done, they allowed the spectators to try it. Not many did, but Becky and I had to try.
Here is what OUR target looked like. I don't think we would have placed as well as our children did.

Sammie also took a turn.  She loves it when she gets a chance to shoot.  It doesn't happen often, because the target has to be extra close, so she can't shoot with the other kids.  She's getting there though.   In this pic she's all pulled back and ready with her eyes closed.
She's getting another arrow ready.  She taught me how to position it properly.  When she develops the muscles, she'll be all set.  Don't you love her outfit??

Spirit week 2012

The kids enjoyed participating in spirit week this year. Sammie and her twin planned everything needed for twin day all by themselves. They were very cute!!

Crazy hair day was the favorite. I didn't get pictures of Sammie and Josh. I thought I did, but I can't find them. Sammie had tons of tiny ponytails and Josh had a double Mohawk. Liz and Caleb enjoyed posing for a picture though.
My favorite was Liz's hair the next day. Super Cute!!!