Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beach combing with Westfalls

Sister Westfall has a very extensive shell collection, but she mentioned that she wanted moon shells. Stewart happened to know where she could find some, so we planned a day to go beach combing. The weather even cooperated!! It was a little chilly, but not to windy or rainy. :) Here's the crew arriving on the beach. See the heron standing in the water?There were some whales way out in the fog. I tried to get pictures but it was too foggy and too far. There were also about 9 or 10 seals playing right off shore. Here is Caleb out next to the water. Each black spot in the water behind him is a seal's head.
We found a ton of the moon shells that Sister Westfall was looking for. Most were empty and free to take home. But we did find one that was still occupied. These things are really gross looking!!
Sammie and I mostly enjoyed looking at the sea stars and these things that we can sun fish. I don't know what they are really called, but they get big and colorful.
Sammie had to pose for a picture on this rock that was completely surrounded by sea stars.
Liz found this clam shell with a tiny squid inside. Pretty cool!
Everybody had to stop and compare treasures. It was a very successful day!!

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