Tuesday, April 3, 2012

State Archery

Caleb, Liz, and Josh all participated in State Archery this year. It's a pretty exciting event in our district because the top five shooters in each of the 6 catagories (high school, middle school, and elementary, boys and girls) get to go to nationals in Kentucky in May. This first picture is the first flight (or group) lined up ready to shoot their first round.
I have a very hard time getting good pics in the gym, but I did get at least one of each kid. Here's Caleb pulling back.

Josh was far away, so his pictures aren't as good. Here he's waiting for the signal to shoot.
Liz is taking aim.
She ended up with FIRST place for elementary girls in the state!! Here is what one of her 6 rounds looked like. I know the picture is terrible. I couldn't get close - against the rules for safety - and my camera has terrible zoom.
When both flights were done, they allowed the spectators to try it. Not many did, but Becky and I had to try.
Here is what OUR target looked like. I don't think we would have placed as well as our children did.

Sammie also took a turn.  She loves it when she gets a chance to shoot.  It doesn't happen often, because the target has to be extra close, so she can't shoot with the other kids.  She's getting there though.   In this pic she's all pulled back and ready with her eyes closed.
She's getting another arrow ready.  She taught me how to position it properly.  When she develops the muscles, she'll be all set.  Don't you love her outfit??

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