Friday, October 16, 2009

Backyard cookout

I started this post with the purpose of posting bear pics, but they aren't on the computer yet, so instead this is a couple fun pics of our hot dog roast in the backyard last Saturday. We went to Naukati for cross country races in the morning (the weather was beautiful and the kids did great), then we split and stacked the logs that Stewart and the kids had hauled while I was in Utah for Robby and Laurel's wedding, and then we kept enjoying the sunshine by cooking marshmallows and hot dogs in the back yard. What a great day!


Curly said...

Looks like a nice family cook out. Makes me want to get Phil and the kids out for one.

Alaskan Darlings said...

The house looks awesome! So much nicer on the exterior.
What a good idea to make a fire pit and have a cookout!