Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caleb turns 10!!

Caleb turned 10 this year. He loved his gifts from his family. G&G Hughes gave him this great fanny pack with two water bottles. He's very excited to use it during his fishing and hunting trips.

G&G Richmond gave him this blue blanket.

He also got enough cash to buy a good fishing rod that he's very excited to put to use. On his birthday we had this soccer ball cake (brownie) and celebrated with the family. But a few days later he got together with his friends from church and had a pool party in Craig. They had a blast!
I can't believe I have a 10 year old. I must be getting old.


harmonie said...

You MUST be getting old to have a child in the double digits. :) That's a benefit of starting my family later than you did. I will always feel lots younger even though I'm older. :) That pool looks like fun!

Becks said...

When did he decide to grow up?!?!? No way is he 10 already! I'm not ready for these kids to get older...not only because it makes me older, but I am realizing just how HUGE the responsibility of being a mother is...have I thought them enough? have they learned enough? will they EVER learn to properly load a dishwasher...you know, all the really important lessons in life! Sure do love you, Caleb. Happy Birthday!