Friday, February 5, 2010

Life is good!

It was a long and somewhat stressful day. It is now late and I'm tired, but because the house is quiet I'm not in a hurry to go to bed as that would put an end to this quiet, alone time. So I decided to Blog. I realize that my posts are generally about exciting events going on in our life, but today I'm in more of a thoughtful mood. I've been thinking lately about how good we have it as a family right now. And I'm thinking that if I put some of my thoughts in writing it will help me remember how lucky I am when I'm not feeling it.
First - I have a part time job in a world where jobs are scarce. I'm teaching preschool at the school. And although it is not my dream job, I get to take Sammie to work with me and get paid to play with her and her two friends.
Second - My husband has a job that he's really good at. His supervisors are constantly singing his praises. I love watching him do what he loves. This is his 5th year teaching, but the first year for me to be in the school and see how much he enjoys it instead of only seeing how tired he is when he gets home.
Third - My kids get to go to a school where I know they will be safe and taken care of. They are three of the 17 students currently at our school. I'm able to spend some time with them at school and when I'm not there they still have their Dad with them all day every day.

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harmonie said...

What a nice feeling. This week I was pushing a grocery cart back and had a moment of real contentment. It's nice when we can feel and appreciate all our blessings. :)