Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow DAY!!!

Ok, so missing church due to snowy roads isn't quite as good as if school were canceled. But we still had to get out and enjoy the biggest snowfall we've had in our two years on the Island (it was only about 6 inches and melting fast). We don't have sleds, so instead of sledding we went for a short walk out to one of our favorite beaches. We call it big log beach. We took lots of pictures along the way, but I'll just share my favorites.
I love this one. Caleb finally found a pole big enough to catch the kind of fish he REALLY wants to catch. He thinks he's got a whale on the line.

This one is just the kids being forced to pose on our way out to the beach.

Sammie couldn't resist going wading, even with snow on the ground.

I've walked this trail a few dozen times and as winter came I've been amazed at how many green plants there still are this time of year.
Then of course we had to make a snowman.
What a good day! And it's not even dark yet.

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Misty Dawn said...

Wow! Almost seems like a nice mix of weather!