Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More pics from paradise

We have heard a request for more pictures, so we're trying. But today Stewart and Caleb missed a really good picture opportunity. They went out fishing and left the camera in the truck. They had a young bear come out and fish across the stream from them (about 20-30 feet away). It was out on a log trying to catch fish and fell in and Caleb and Stewart watched it climb back up and keep fishing. Soon, Stewart caught a fish and the splashing got the bears attention and it realized how close it was to people and ran into the woods. I'm sorry I don't have pictures to go with that story, but here's what we do have.

This is Caleb fishing at the dock. He brought home around 30 black cod. He loved it!!

This is Sammie in her new rain gear.

Caleb sneaking up on a friendly deer.

Here is our first shrimp and crab. I decided that fresh shrimp aren't worth the work to get them out of the shell. Crab-even though it's more work- is still worth it. Liz and I were the only ones that ate the shrimp, but everyone except Sammie enjoyed the crab. We plan to get our own crab pot soon so we can catch our own.

Caleb has fished nonstop since we got here. This is two silver salmon and a rainbow trout. They were all caught in his and Stewart's favorite stream so far. It's about 20 minutes away.

This is the Trout. about 2 feet. And one of the Salmon. 26 inches.

Bowl full of Salmon fillets. These all got frozen. If we collect enough to fill a cooler, I might bring some to family in October.

These are a couple of random views we've come across as we explore our new home. It's extremely wooded. Fog is common, but we've also seen a lot of sunshine so far.


Curly said...

I enjoyed all the pictures. Looks like great fishing. Love, Phil and Melissa

Misty_Dawn said...

Such an Alaskan adventure! How cute is Sammie's little rain outfit?! I'd love to see pics of the school... :) Thanks for keeping this updated, Carrie!

jolyn said...

I'm extremely jealous of all the salmon! Yum!