Tuesday, August 25, 2009

slugs and more fish

"Look what we found Mom!!"

Sammie's slug friend.

Josh's Slug.

Ok we knew the fish in Alaska were supposed to be big, but no one told us about the slugs. Josh and Sammie couldn't resist picking these two up and playing with them for a while. Having never played with these slimy creatures before, I didn't realize how slimy the kids would get. Their hands were completely covered with a thick layer of slime. Water did nothing to wash it off. Soap just made it worse. So then, thanks to memories of an older brother's version of playing with snails, I thought "maybe salt would work". Nope! But I did find the solution. A dry paper towel or 5 or 6 in this case. This is not an activity I will encourage in the future.

This is one of Stewart's many silver salmon. He's getting really good at both catching and filleting them. Last week we got a permit to catch them with a net. So I finally caught some, but I don't think that really counts. But our nets weren't really meant for salmon and broke after a couple days, so now that's on hold till we get a new one.

Stewart started work this week, but that doesn't stop Caleb and Liz from taking their poles to the dock for some catch and release fishing. Today they met someone at the dock who offered them 10 bucks each if they would fill his cooler with black cod. They only got it half full, but they were very excited to come home with 5 bucks each for doing what they love. Caleb plans on spending his on a new lure. While Liz is being encouraged to save up for her own pole. (Caleb already bought one.) I think he's going to have major fishing withdrawals when school starts next Monday.

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