Saturday, September 5, 2009

1st buck and other pics

Stew wasn't thrilled about posing for a picture, but he did want to let everyone know that he found a great hunting spot. He could have got a big black bear instead, but he would have had to pack it out by himself on a long tough hike, so he passed on the bear for this time and settled on this little two point. He saw a LOT of other bucks but they were across a large canyon

This is the hunting spot Stew went to this morning. He would like everyone to know that after a LOT of driving around and finding places like this, he now feels comfortable taking friends and family out hunting if anybody wants to stop by and visit.

This is where we went net fishing for salmon until we broke the net. Our new one should be here in a couple days, but the salmon are starting to rot.

This is how Josh and Sammie fish.

I know this doesn't fit the theme, but this is our church building in Craig. It's small but we're just happy to have other members to meet with in person.

And this is just another of the great views that Stewart found while hunting this morning.


Misty_Dawn said...

Give Liz a squeeze for me, please! :) Naqucin and I were just talking about how we miss her :(

Colleen Marie said...

I love your pictures, and your kids are ADORABLE!! Good luck with the hunting/fishing/whale-watching/playing!