Saturday, September 12, 2009

My first three Crab!!!!

Stewart went out this morning and set our own crab pots (two of them) for the first time. The maintenance man here has become a quick friend of Stewart's and he has at least two boats, but one is a little 16 foot bass boat. It's not sea worthy but for running around in the cove it's great. Anyway, he said we can use that one anytime. So tonight Stewart took me out just for fun to show me the boat and where the pots were, and we decided to check them, not expecting anything because they'd only been out about 8 hours and some people leave them a week. But I pulled them up all by myself and there was one female in the first one, so we had to throw it back. And the second one had three big males. So we put the pots back down and brought the crab home live to show the kids. Then I got a lesson in cleaning them. But I was so excited to share this new adventure that I am sitting on the front porch of the library while the temperature is in the 50's and it's pouring rain, because that's were I can get internet closest to my house.


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You are the woman. How did they taste?