Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween and hanging out at home

I was a little worried about Halloween this year. In the past few years the kids have gone to a big school carnival and then had our teacher housing neighborhood to trick or treat in. Our new school is only 15 students and I only know where a small handful of people live to allow my kids to go trick or treating at houses that I'm OK with. But it turned out great! The city put on a carnival with extreme amounts of goodies and prizes for very low cost and with only a few kids in town there were never long lines for any of the games. Sammie loved the cake walk and was very good at it. She won at least 6 cakes - and the other kids each won at least one. We were able to give most of them away to other families there but we still came home with plenty, not to mention the big bags of goodies and toys the kids had all won at the other games. Then when we went trick or treating, to the 5 or 6 houses that I knew the people, everyone either gave huge handfuls of candy or full size candy bars. To say the least the kids didn't feel deprived at all!! Two weeks later they are still working on the candy even though I have it all in a big bowl on the kitchen table so they can eat all they want.

The kids are loving their new puppy. Koda (the puppy) is getting bigger everyday, but she's also getting better behaved and slightly closer to being house trained. Although lately she's been barking to wake me up at 3am to let her out to potty. If she doesn't grow out of that before the weather gets warmer she's going to end up sleeping out side - but I really hope it doesn't last that long.

Sammie is still getting used to our new home. She'd like to know exactly how long we are going to live here. But she gets to spend a few hours everyday at the school with me. And she really loves to be read to. Stewart's much better about taking a break and reading a few books to her than I am.

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