Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Community Pictures

Tori recently had a school assignment that included taking pictures of the community. She used our camera to do it, and I really liked some of the pictures she got, so I wanted to share. Coffman Cove is still primarily a logging community even though environmental issues are making it a nearly impossible way to make a living. Tori's step-dad is a logger and so she was able to get some up close and personal pictures.

This one shows the claw (run by Tori's step-dad) putting the logs onto the truck.

This guy is branding the logs so that when they get dumped at the mill, his crew will get credit for them.
I just thought this was a cool picture to show how comfortable these guys are with a chainsaw. This isn't how we carry Stewart's new chainsaw. But don't confuse comfort with carelessness. These guys know exactly how dangerous a chainsaw is.
And this is the part of logging that I've actually seen personally. It's a little scary to come around a corner on a nearly deserted road and come face to face with one of these trucks. The center of this picture is the ferry terminal. It was only used for a short time before it was decided that it wasn't worth the effort to have a northern island ferry AND a southern island ferry. Ours was the northern. It got canceled. But we have a really nice dock and building ready and waiting if they ever decide to change their mind.
This is a distance shot of our new school. This is the first full school year that it's been used. It's a very nice school for less than 20 students. Our house is also visible in this picture but unless you know exactly where to look it's really hard to see.

This one shows most of the community. The water at the right of the picture is the beach area where you can watch the big cruise ships go past. The water on the other side of the peninsula is the cove. Thanks for the Pics Tori!

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Becks said...

OK - seriously...we HAVE to come visit...when you come this summer, lets REALLY plan a trip...figure out dates and everything...otherwise, I think we will just keep saying, "We need to plan a trip." So...LETS DO IT!!! Love you guys!!!