Sunday, March 7, 2010

fun outside

We continue to enjoy warmer than average winter temperatures. Toward the end of February the kids all gathered on the baseball field on a sunny day after school on Friday. They build a couple tee-pees out of sticks, weeds, and grass. They played until the stars came out and it was time for dinner. Then they met back on the field at 10 the next morning and played until dark for a second day. The tee-pees didn't last long before we got a good wind storm in, but they sure enjoyed making them.

Yesterday we celebrated our 11th anniversary. Stewart took Caleb, Liz, and Tori (our honorary family member) in to Craig for a service project/fundraiser for a youth temple trip. While I stayed home and worked on Census stuff. Then in the evening Tori's mom took the rest of us into Craig for Tori's baptism. That was followed by a branch potluck. Not the typical anniversary celebration, but it was a great day! Then it was time for us to drive home, and it snowed the whole way. We had to drive very slowly and the snow in the headlights was enough to make us dizzy, but we got home safely. By the time we got up this morning, most of the snow was gone but the kids couldn't resist going to play in it. We haven't had much this year.


Colleen Marie said...

We've had a really dry winter too. Of course, March has taken that as a personal challenge, and has dumped several inches on us in the last couple days.
Your kids are so adorable.

Becks said... our winter pictures look more like I would expect YOUR winter pictures to look like...I STILL cannot see my front lawn...the snow is melting a bit, but it's still pretty WHITE outside!!! :) The pictures and updates look/sound so fun...I am really hoping to make a trip your direction in the next year (or maybe NEXT summer...2011). Anyways, love you and look forward to seeing you in a couple months!

Melissa said...

I love the tee pee! I think being able to spend some time outside is good for the soul. Happy anniversary!

Melissa said...

Enjoy getting updates about your family. I love the springy blog background too.

Misty_Dawn said...

That is so wild that you can see grass!!! Liz is getting so big-- miss her her smiley face and positive attitude around here!