Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pinewood Derby

This week we got to participate in the Pinewood derby! For any of my readers that don't have a clue what that is, let me give a brief explanation. Cub scouts (boys 8-10) are given a chunk of wood and some wheels and they get to turn it into a car and then everyone gets together to watch them race. Our branch also had an open competition where other family members could enter cars as well as the scouts. So Caleb designed and made his car. Liz and Stewart worked together on what ended up being called Liz's car even though it was mostly Stewart's idea's and work.

Here is Caleb with his car.
Here is Liz with her car.
Here's a great snapshot of the event.
Caleb took third place out of the scouts. He was awarded a nice little medal that said pinewood derby with a picture of a car. But he chose to give it to one of the boys who's car didn't do so well. As his mom, I have to say I'm much prouder of that than of him doing well in the race.

And this last pic is Tori enjoying the snacks and socializing at the races. I've been meaning to get a good picture of her to put on my blog since she's become our honorary family member. But it hasn't happened yet, so this one will have to do for now. Lucky for me, I don't think she reads my blog yet. So don't tell her I used a picture of her eating.


Colleen Marie said...

Did they drill holes in the front and bury some fishing weights in it? That's totally what my dad used to do when he made them. Wait, I mean "when my brother made his."

Becks said...

Fun, fun, fun! The kids LOVED the pictures...Brit is jealous that Liz got to join in the festivities!!! :) Glad to see a picture of Tori. Excited to see everyone in a couple months.

Melissa said...

Must be pinewood derby season, we had ours last week. That's neat that family members got to participate. How sweet of Caleb to be so concerned!