Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Girls Night in Ketchikan

Over spring break Becky and I took Liz and Britt to Ketchikan overnight. We really enjoyed wandering through all the little tourist shops, eating out, and relaxing. The hotel we stayed at had a tram thing that took guests to and from the shops down below. This is a picture of the girls in our hotel window looking down on the shops.
We enjoyed riding the tram. Liz liked climbing the pole in the middle.
Becky preferred holding on and NOT looking at the view.
I have to say, the view - while beautiful- bothered me a little too.
The girls got their nails painted. This was Liz's number one priority for the trip. She really wanted her nails done.
And we ate as much wonderful - not home cooked- food as we could in 24 hours. This is our room service, dessert picnic. YUMMY!!!!
Once again I'm thankful for Becky helping me remember to stop and make some memories along the way!

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